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Thrilling outdoor adventure  

Wonderland was opened in 2009 and it is especially planned for our smallest guests but both kids and grown-ups have a unique opportunity to be a part of a fairy tale.

Wonderland combines the fun and outdoor adventure. You can also take a short break and to escape amusement park’s noise and hullabaloo into Wonderland’s forest. Wonderland is located behind the wooden roller coaster Thunderbird. Just follow the signs and jump into a fairy tale!


Rölli is a Finnish fairy tale troll, and the first character living in PowerPark’s Wonderland. The village is full of activities and amazing buildings. There is certainly a lot to wonder and to look around for both kids and grown-ups.

There is a river flowing through the village. The buildings are individual and full of phantasy. Of course there are also some interesting Rölli-style gadgets and items, which guarantee moments of joy for the smallest guests. Wonderland’s thrilling music and fascinating sounds create an unforgettable atmosphere.

Along with imaginative activities, we also have regular appearances on the hour by our resident park characters including Rölli-troll and Milli Menninkäinen (we reserve the right to make changes).

Come to say hello to Rölli and his friends!


Kidius-farm was established in co-operation with PowerPark and the milk processor Valio. The idea behind the co-operation was to introduce the daily activities of a farm in a funny way. The sympathetic characters, Herra Sikasiisti, Lempi Lyydia, Jori Pollea and Tytti Vilu-Kylmänen, are well-known from Valio-milk products, and at the farm they are having many interesting adventures. They are happy to involve kids with their activities. 

The Kidius-farm has a big red farm house and all the Valio-characters have their own room inside the house. Herra Sikisiisti’s room is beautifully pink. Tytti Vilu-Kylmänen lives in a blue room with cloudlets. In the band room all the kids can play Kidius-guitar or drums. Outside, in the garden, there is also a sports field.

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