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Full of fun and excitement

PowerPark is located in Kauhava, in Southern Ostrobothnia, and it is a true adventure park.

Finland’s most special amusement park, one of the world’s most beautiful go-kart tracks, the biggest go-kart indoor hall in Europe, Mediterranian-style hotel, idyllic cabins, horse centre with its lovely four-legged companions, high-quality restaurants, cosy camping area, Wonderland and Finland’s first 5D-movie theatre guarantee unforgettable experiences all year round.

From vision to reality

The idea of building an amusement park with international atmosphere in the middle of Southern Ostrobothnian countryside – something very unique in Finland – had been Jorma Lillbacka’s dream and vision for long. Finally, in 2000, a long-standing dream fulfilled, when Mika Salo Circuit, a go-kart track with international standards, opened by the river in Alahärmä, in Lillbacka’s home town.   
The track attracted immediately a lot of international attention. Several drivers gave their thumbs-up to the track which was estimated to be one of the most beautiful tracks in the world. All this provided a setting for one of the most special stories in Finnish tourism industry.

In the early 2000s the need for accommodation became quickly apparent and a gorgeous hotel and a high-quality restaurant were built next to the go-kart track. In 2003 the dream of building a real adventure park came true, when the first amusement rides were built at the park. PowerPark is most of all a park with roller coasters. The best known is Thunderbird, which has been voted one of the world’s best wooden roller coasters by international roller coaster aficionados.
Since the opening the park has continued its development. PowerPark gives the whole family experiences and adventures. In 2009 Wonderland was opened for the smallest guests. However, those who are eager to try dizzying high-speed rides, are not being forgotten either. In 2013 PowerPark will introduce its new super attraction, a complete area with various water attractions. You can not keep your clothes dry!
The themes in the amusement park will take the guests all the way from American Wild West to Tyrolean atmosphere and to the narrow alleys of Italian small towns. Jorma Lillbacka has brought all the fabulous and unique ideas from his trips around the world. All these ideas have taken their place in the Ostrobothnian countryside in the most unforgettable way.

Endless ideas

The total area of the park can be extended today to ca. 130 hectares. It has been a long but fast journey; from a go-kart track to a huge adventure park. In 2010 PowerPark had ca. 400 000 guests. Likewise, in 2010, PowerPark achieved one goal, when it was estimated the best adventure park in Finland by Taloustutkimus. Tidiness, willingness to be of service, renewal capacity and versatility are the most important keys to success.
Fabulous style, small details and personality characterize everything PowerPark does. The most unforgettable experience is born out of these factors. A visit to PowerPark will be a real adventure for everyone.   
PowerPark has been centre of attention in the practice of building and developing constantly something new. In the summer of 2011 the park will release already something new and exciting. Take a look at the news here. (news)  

PowerPark – This is where the fun begins!

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