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A worthwhile experience

PowerPark opened the spectacular 5D-movie theatre in February 2011. 5D allows visitors not only enjoy movies, but also feel everything that is shown on the screen.

In 5D the viewers are able to sense with other senses in addition to vision. Virtual image includes a variety of special effects, stimulants movement, which create for the viewer the impression of movement in different directions, like he is going through all the actions that occur on the screen. Movement of air, imitation of wind, vibrating seats, lights, cold smoke and bubbles are among the special effects that the viewers will experience.

PowerPark’s 5D-movies are 3-15 minutes long and the viewers wear 3D-glasses.

Magnum Theatre is located in PowerPalace.

Come and feel the sensation! 5D will increase joy and emotion derived from the visit!

Note! 5D might cause strains on guests who are pregnant or who have cardiovascular diseases. 5D is not recommended for guests who suffer from epilepsy or migraine.


Movie ticket (with amusement park ride pass) 6 €
Movie ticket (without amusement park ride pass) 8 €

Opening hours:

Magnum Theatre is open according to amusement park’s opening hours. Check the opening hours here. (opening hours)

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